6 Items to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Winter

By Rebecca Carhart for Modern Muse

Keeping your kids entertained throughout the day is tough enough, but it can get even harder once the bitterly cold, winter months arrive. Since the freezing temps might be preventing them from hitting the playground or running around in the front yard, you may have the challenge of finding ways to keep them busy inside. Thankfully, we've found six fun indoor activities that will keep your little ones entertained all day long.

1. Put On A Magic Show

Image courtesy of Target

Keep your kids' minds off the fact that they can't play outside by teaching them some sleight of hand. This Thames & Kosmos Magic Kit from Target comes with the props and instructions needed to perform 150 tricks. From bending spoons to making thimbles disappear, this box of magic will keep your little ones busy for hours.

2. Make Movie Night Special

There's no easier way to keep kids occupied than by putting on their favorite film, and you can make it extra special with a Cuisinart Popcorn Machine from Sur La Table. This movie-theater-quality machine can pop up to ten cups of popcorn in just three minutes. It also has a heated lamp to keep kernels warm for when you need that mid-movie refill.

3. Challenge Them with a Puzzle

Image courtesy of Target

A puzzle is a great way to keep kids entertained while also cultivating their cognitive abilities. This Ravensburger Dr Seuss: Seuss Street Puzzle from Target has 1,000 pieces, which will not only keep them busy for days, but also challenge their minds as they work on their patience and problem-solving skills.

4. Start Your Own Science Lab

Transform your house into a wacky science lab and make learning fun through cool experiments. This Crystal Growing Kit from Kohl's allows your budding scientists to grow seven different types of crystals. It even comes with display cases, so they can show off their creations to their friends or use them to decorate their rooms.

5. Host a Puppet Show

Image courtesy of Lord & Taylor

Let their imaginations run wild as they take center stage during a puppet show. This Melissa & Doug Puppet Theater from Lord & Taylor is the perfect setting for little ones to creatively tell a story using their own stuffed animals. The theater comes with curtains to hide behind, an adjustable clock to announce showtime, and a washable chalkboard to customize the show's title.

6. Stimulate Their Brains

Turn your iPad into an educational tool with this Osmo Genius Kit from Best Buy. Each kit is full of games that will teach little ones everything from shapes and letters to computer programing. Best of all, the set will grow with your child as they complete each stage of learning, and you can change settings to adapt games for ages 2–5.