7 Time-Saving Beauty Tips from New York Fashion Week

By Karie Frost for Modern Muse

Strapped for time? So are the artists who bring New York Fashion Week's beauty looks to life, which makes them uniquely suited to share with you their best strategies and product ideas for beautifying in mere minutes. Here, they talk about managing makeup, nails, and hair with no time to spare — all with tips you can easily use in your daily life, no catwalk required.

The Beauty Expert: Esthetician Eileen Harcourt for Pili Ani

The Show: Tadashi Shoji

The Time Crunch: You need to speed up your skincare regimen.

The Advice: "Backstage at New York Fashion Week, the models' skin is so dry and irritated from other shows and running around," says Harcourt. "A quick, time-saving way to remove makeup, oil, and debris, while also giving the skin a deep cleanse without stripping it, is by using a facial oil, because it doubles as a moisturizer too. I'm using it not only on their faces, but also their hands and lips — that's another great beauty tip!"

The Beauty Expert: Makeup artist Polly Osmond for e.l.f. Cosmetics

The Show: Christian Siriano

The Time Crunch: You need a speedy post-work, pre-outing makeup refresh.

The Advice: "Foundation can get dry or cracked over the course of a day," Osmond says. "Rather than take off your makeup and start over, spray a light mist of water over your entire face and then use a makeup brush to re-blend it — that's all you need to do."

The Beauty Expert: Hairstylist Peter Gray for NuMe

The Show: Badgley Mischka

The Time Crunch: Your shower took too long and now you need to dry your hair at breakneck speed.

The Advice: After wringing as much moisture from your hair with a towel, "hang your head upside-down and rough dry (using your hands and blow-dryer), which speeds up the overall dry time," Gray says. Also: Use a blow-dry agent. "Most of them contain alcohol, which actually speeds up blow-drying time. Everybody thinks alcohol is bad [for hair], but it really does help the process."

The Beauty Expert: Sarah Lucero, Stila Cosmetics Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry

The Show: Tibi

The Time Crunch: You need to make up your face in a jiff.

The Advice: "Always do your mascara and eyes first before anything else," Lucero says. "That way you can fix eye makeup mistakes easily without affecting and having to redo your powder or foundation. Also, eye makeup takes a steady hand. The rest of your makeup — face, cheek, and lips — can be done on the go if you have to run out the door!"

The Beauty Expert: Manicurist Rita Remark for essie

The Show: Self Portrait

The Time Crunch: You need to shave minutes off your manicure — but you don't want to compromise it.

The Advice: "If you're polishing your nails and not adding a quick-dry top coat, you're actually extending the drying time," Remark says. "Nail polish on its own tends to dry gummy, making it apt to nicks, and doesn't dry as fast as it would with a quick-dry top coat. Though it seems like an extra step, you'll be able to dig into your purse much quicker with that top coat on!"

The Beauty Expert: Hairstylist David Cruz for Kevin Murphy

The Show: Arianne Elmy

The Time Crunch: Your hair's a mess from a previous style, but a shower is out of the question.

The Advice: "One of my secret weapons is baby powder," Cruz says. "It's old school — it soaks up all the oil and acts as a reset button for your hair. By taking out all excess oil, you can reintroduce a new style quickly. Focus the application on the root by tapping the bottle and then rubbing the powder into your hair with your fingers. And be sure to tilt your head over so there's no over-spill on your clothing!"

The Beauty Expert: Makeup Artist Keri Blair for MAC

The Show: Tanya Taylor

The Time Crunch: You need to clean up errant makeup — stat!

The Advice: "Pre-saturate cotton rounds or Q-tips with a water-based cleanser or micellar water," Blair says. "Once they're pre-soaked, put them in an air-tight container that you can carry with you — then you can quickly clean up or remove makeup in a snap."