7 Luxurious Gifts for Mom

By Kelsey Mulvey for Modern Muse

Whoever said being a mom is the most difficult job in the world forgot to mention it's the least glamorous one too. Think about it: She's done practically everything for you since the day you were born — yes, even the gross stuff like changing your diaper and getting spit-up on her clothes. Since Mom has always put herself last, now's your chance to show how much you appreciate her. This Mother's Day, treat her to the life of luxury with these gifts.

A Silk Sleep Mask

From sleepless nights spent rocking you back to sleep as a baby to staying awake until you returned home safely as a teenager, Mom's lost a considerable amount of sleep for you. Slip's Silk Sleep Mask from Anthropologie will finally help her get the beauty rest she deserves. Available in eight pretty colors, the Mulberry silk will feel great against her eyelids and make bedtime seem like a fancy affair. As a bonus, silk masks are known to decrease the presence of wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Amen to that!

A Cool Locket

Created by tastemakers Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey, Loquet gives the jewelry staple a customizable, cool-girl-approved twist. Here's how it works: Start with an empty Loquet locket — like this one available at Saks Fifth Avenue — and treat Mom to a new charm each year. The company sells a variety of birthstone, animal, and healing-crystal charms, so there's bound to be something that matches her style. At $2,770 for an empty locket, we'll admit it's a splurge, but it's something she'll wear for many years to come. To lessen the sticker shock, split this gift with your siblings.

A Decorative Pillow

The perfect Mother's Day present is something she wants, but doesn't necessarily need. So why not get her something utterly fabulous, like Jonathan Adler's iconic throw pillows? Hand-loomed in Peru, the reversible letter pillows will add a fun touch to any home. Grab one or two for her initials or splurge on several to spell something out — "MOM" would be appropriate, don't you think?

A Fancy Frame

Chances are, Mom has boxes (and boxes) of photographs from when you were young. Give her favorite shot the spotlight it deserves with a stylish frame. Available at Neiman Marcus, Aerin's faux-shagreen option will make a statement on the mantelpiece without taking attention away from that gorgeous Kodak moment. It's a simple gift, but one that will tug at her heartstrings.

A Set of Soothing Bath Oils

If there's anyone who deserves some rest and relaxation, it's your mom. Sure, you could buy her a gift certificate for a massage or facial, but this extravagant Rodin travel set from Nordstrom will turn her bathroom into an at-home spa. The kit comprises a lavender-scented facial oil, body oil, moisturizing cream, and hair oil — all of which will have her looking and feeling her best from head to toe. Rodin is the gold standard of bath and body products, so it'll be worth every penny.

Some Fun Fragrances

Now that she's pampered to perfection, why not add a pretty perfume into the mix? Byredo's La Sélection set, available at Nordstrom, features six of its best-selling fragrances like Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost. Once Mom picks her favorite of the six, you can buy her a full-sized bottle of it next year.

An Awesome Hair Dryer

Most moms have a never-ending to-do list, so anything that can shave some time off her busy day is a gift in itself. Enter Dyson's Supersonic hair dryer, which you can get at Sephora. This super-stylish appliance not only looks good, it will also do a lot good for her hair. The motor rotates 110,000 times per minute, which will cut down the time she spends getting ready. Plus, Dyson's special technology measures the air temperature 20 times a second, so her hair is less likely to suffer from split ends and drastic heat damage. If you ask us, that's the gift that keeps on giving.