Your Living Room is Now A Spinning Studio

FALL 2017
By Cheryl S. Grant for Modern Muse

For those of us who loathe running but love a cardio workout, spinning is the perfect way to get the blood pumping and torch calories. But it's not always easy to get to a spinning studio, especially if you're busy.

Thankfully you can still get a killer workout right in your living room. Peloton first began streaming its spinning classes into homes from its New York City studio in 2014. Three years later, thousands of people across the country are tuning in to classes and virtually sweating it out on their own Peloton bike alongside riders in the studio.

The Peloton model isn't your average spinning bike. Not only does it look sleeker than most, thanks to its carbon steel frame, but it also offers a much smoother ride. Plus it's equipped with an interactive touchscreen that allows you to digitally measure your distance, cadence, resistance, calories, and overall output.

Subscribers can tune in to both on-demand and live classes and even interact with the instructors in-studio. So you get the benefit of their enthusiasm and encouragement to keep you motivated, without even having to leave your house (a definite plus when it's freezing outside).

You can take the Peloton bike for a test spin at one of the brand's many showrooms (including one at Santa Monica Place), and if the price causes hesitation, you can test out the technology by downloading the iOS app for a 14-day trial. You'll have access more than 4,000 on-demand rides as well as yoga and stretching classes.

And Peloton isn't the only brand offering at-home workout streaming. FORTË (dubbed the "Netflix of fitness" ), offers a variety of boutique fitness classes from top studios around the world and has partnered with indoor cycling studio Joyride to stream spinning classes. Like Peloton, it offers real-time metrics so that you can compare your results with other users of the platform, helping ignite your competitive spirit.

Considering how many of us have a gym membership that we never use (or running shoes we've hardly worn), at-home fitness streaming could be finally be the motivation we need to get ourselves in shape. The best part? You can just roll out of bed and hop on the bike.