Just-Launched Fragrances Perfect for Your Late Summer Rotation

FALL 2017
By Wendy Rose Gould for Modern Muse

The sign of a good perfume is when a stranger (especially a handsome one) leans in to ask you what scent you're wearing. And the change in season is the perfect time to switch up your signature fragrance to something more striking. While summer is all about splashy citrus, cool water, and delicate floral scents, autumn channels earthiness, warmth, and mystique. We've gathered the latest luxury perfumes that combine the best of both seasons, making them the perfect transitional fragrances for your summer-into-fall rotation.

Givenchy’s L’Atelier Rose Ardente

Not your standard garden variety fragrance (nor does it smell like your grandma), Givenchy's new rose perfume is as complex as it is alluring. Underneath its delicate floral canopy of black caviar rose are unapologetic notes of fiery chili pepper and earthy patchouli that will have you feeling luxurious, provocative and fiercely feminine.

DedCool Blonde

Some of the most coveted scents of the past few years have been unisex (think Le Labo's Santal 33) and new kid on the fragrance block, LA–based DedCool, creates intriguing gender-neutral fragrances that are also all-natural and vegan . Blonde is the perfect embodiment of the “electric woods" trend, which is all about elevating woodsy scents with bright citrus and warm spices. An undercurrent of blonde woods, raspberry and vetiver create an earthy base, complemented by juniper berries and pomelo, and the warmth of black saffron, accord cuir, and black violet.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain

If the ambiguity of a unisex scent isn't your thing, Mon Guerlain exudes pure femininity. Even the elegant glass body and gilded neck of its vintage-style bottle feel distinctly ladylike. While the rich Tahitian vanilla and coumarin evoke warm gourmand notes, the fresh French lavender and Indonesian jasmine prevent it from being overtly sweet.

Pinrose Sun Saint

Hold on to summer just a little bit longer with Pinrose's Sun Saint, a fragrance designed by master perfumer Patricia Choux (who has created scents for the likes of Carven, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors). While the dry coconut wood in this dreamy scent channels those perfectly lazy summer beach days, earthy eucalyptus and sensual cashmere musk notes make it just as fitting for fall.

Molton Brown Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

For something light and breezy that will have you smelling irresistibly fresh, reach for Molton Brown's Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette. Its base of sandalwood and blue cypress, middle notes of lavender, sea fennel and sea salt, and top notes of yellow apple and citrus combine for a sophisticated fragrance with a touch of mystery.

Cartier Baiser Fou

Baiser Fou is French for “crazy kiss," and that's exactly what this new scent from Cartier feels like the second you spritz. It's a highly complex fragrance that features an unexpected mix of exotic purple orchid, creamy sweet white chocolate, and a hint of raspberry, leaving you feeling a bit dazed but utterly smitten – like every great kiss should.