Clicks to Bricks: Find Your Favorite Online Stores at Washington Square

FALL 2017
By Susannah Bradley for Modern Muse

Sure, we all love the convenience of online shopping, but if you can't remember the last time you actually set foot in a store, it's time to give malls another look. In fact, many e-tailers who are looking for a way to differentiate themselves are opening physical stores that offer something a little extra. Here's a look at some popular online destinations you can now find at Washington Square in Portland, Oregon.

Blue Nile

Even if you're not a jewelry person, it's hard not to be dazzled by a gorgeous diamond when you see it in all of its sparkly wonder. And you can do just that at the Washington Square Blue Nile "webroom" where you can try on eighty percent of Blue Nile's bridal jewelry offerings in a pressure-free setting. The webroom isn't a jewelry store — instead, you place custom orders after selecting stones, metals and a setting, then have your order shipped either to the webroom or your home. And if you place your Blue Nile orders in person as opposed to online, you'll receive a discount.


What do you wear when you want to look casual, but still put-together? UNTUCKit has the answer. The Washington Square store is the first in the Pacific Northwest from the popular online brand that specializes in casually dressy shirts for men and women that are designed to be worn — wait for it — untucked. The styles feature high-quality natural fabrics, a curved hemline, and a length that's two-to-four inches shorter than standard business shirts. To get you into the shopping spirit, head to the back of the store to get into some other spirits first — you'll find a selection of local whiskeys from Oregon distillers there for the sampling.

Amazon Books

The Amazon Books store is proof that even the world's biggest online retailer knows there's no replacing the sheer pleasure of holding a book in your hands and flipping through the pages. The Washington Square store only stocks books that have earned four-star ratings and above on, along with new books hand-picked by Amazon employees. The store features cozy reading nooks that encourage settling in with a good book, plus displays showcasing recommendations based on popular titles, top sellers in Portland, and provocative themes such as “books readers love and love to hate." It also sells the full range of Amazon devices, including Kindle ereaders, Echos, Fire tablets, and Fire TV devices.


Spend a little time in Portland and you'll quickly come to understand that coffee is serious business here. That's why the soon-to-open Nespresso boutique will be right at home at Washington Square. Nespresso has established a devoted following online for its gourmet Grand Cru arabica and robusta coffees, which are packaged for single servings in recyclable aluminum capsules. The boutique will feature the full line of Nespresso coffees and coffee machines, plus a tasting bar so you can find your new favorite variety with help from the resident coffee specialists.