Use These Wigs to Create the Perfect Last-Minute Costume

FALL 2017
By Nicole Vulcan for Modern Muse

You finally decided to RSVP to that Halloween party, but there's one problem: You don't have time prep that killer costume you thought you'd have. Best laid plans, right? With one of these wigs on hand, you'll never have to miss out on that costume-only affair.

The Little Black 'Do (Above)

Most women have a little black dress tucked away in the closet, just in case an event comes up and they need something cute in a pinch. Think of this wig as the "little black dress" equivalent — ready to be worn in so many different ways, for nearly any type of costume hijinks you might find yourself involved in. Here's what you can do with this wig from JCPenney:

The Stylish Witch: Who said witches have to have that mop of long black, green or purple hair? This witch is a bit more uptown. Pair your little black 'do wig with — you guessed it— a little black dress, red lipstick, and a broom and you'll be the most stylish witch in the room.

The Vixen: When's the last time you wore that hot set of black boots in your closet? How about that sexy lingerie you've always wanted to wear outside the house? Put all that stuff together and pair it with the little black 'do, and, bam — vixen time.

Uma Thurman, Pulp Fiction: Long-sleeved, button-down white shirt, check. Flowy black pants, check. Add red lipstick and you're Uma in the dance scene of that iconic film.

Long, Luscious, and Red

Who hasn't dreamed of having long, luscious locks of crimson hair, at least for a day or two? Here's how to wear that long red wig — found at Hot Topic — in a pinch:

The Sailor Gal: Have a striped shirt, preferably in blue/black and white? Pair these red locks with it — and, if you can find one, a sailor's hat — and you're instantly ship-worthy. Even better, add a red skirt for more contrast and interest.

Jessica Rabbit: If your closet contains a long red dress with lots of va-va-voom, put it on with this wig, some long purple gloves, and you've re-created Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Black Magic

This wig, similar to this one at JCPenney has some extra-fun options. With it, you could transform into:

The Pop Starlet: Combine it with that sequined formal dress you thought you'd never get to wear again, and you're practically a shoe-in for the red carpet.

The Vamp: Start with a black cape, or in a pinch, even a black sheet. Don some red lipstick, as well as the most ghoulish foundation you have, and any long, black attire, and all you'll need is a set of vampire teeth (and some fake blood) to make this Halloween a success.

Turquoise Power

What comes to mind when you see this Hot Topic wig and its colorful burst of color? So many possibilities ... but here are a couple we like:

The Futuristic Goddess: Have some metallic clothing in your closet? Combine it with this, add some shiny bangles, big sparkly earrings, and the most futuristic shades you own, and you can evoke the goddess of the future — and look pretty hot while doing it.

The Mermaid: Pop on your favorite colorful bikini top (or if you're really feeling racy, use some metallic or colorful body paint to cover up). Then find some turquoise, pink, purple or metallic tulle, cut a slit at the bottom and tie a rubber band around each side of the slit. Wrap and tie the other end of the fabric to your waist, and you've created a mermaid costume in record time.

With just one of these wigs, you'll have multiple options for Halloween fun. And if you have more than one, you may never have to shop for costumes again. Then again, where's the fun in that?