7 Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

FALL 2017
By Katherine Brodsky for Modern Muse

Good fashion is hard to kill. If you wait long enough, eventually it will come back into style. But fashion trends don't merely return – they evolve. They're reminders of the past, fused with our present. Here are seven of our favorite fashion trends that are making a comeback with a contemporary edge.

Everybody's Digging Denim

Denim is back with a vengeance with the resurgence of skirts, jackets, tattered jeans, and even rompers. But rather than being the epitome of casual wear as they once were, denim items are being used as statement pieces meant to draw attention — and they're bolder than ever.

Platform Shoes Are on the Rise

Sure, platform shoes are comfortable, but are they stylish? Forget about your traditional chunky heel. Today's platforms get an upgrade with edgy and imaginative designs that redefine the old classic and take a playful approach to form and shape. One thing that's stayed the same: They still offer your feet the same freedom from pain that their vintage counterparts did.

Florals Are Fresh

Minimalism may still be in, but that doesn't mean that florals are destined to stay in the past forever. Back in the '80s (and also when your grandmother was young) flowery patterns adorned just about everything. Then, for a time, it was something you wanted to avoid at all costs. But today's florals have transformed into a more chic, fresh, modern version, adding color and brightness to your wardrobe.

Sneakers Go High Fashion

Sneakers aren't meant to just be worn with jeans or when exercising. These days they go just as well with a more stylish, colorful or posh outfit, infusing some laid-back energy into your ensemble. Alternatively, you can find colorful, bold sneakers that can pump up a more conservative or subdued outfit.

The Leather Jacket Returns

Let's face it, leather jackets have always been cool and will likely stay cool forever. But over the years, the styles have changed and evolved with each season (cropped jackets are currently the hottest style). But the biggest transformation we're seeing is the multitude of ways in which the leather jacket is worn. Of course you can wear it with jeans and a white T-shirt, but contrasts often make for great fashion. So combine the tough, cool, sexy look of a leather jacket with the softness and color of a floral dress or a flowy skirt and blouse. Another way that the classic leather jacket has transformed? There are vegan versions now!

Time-Telling Goes Analogue

If someone asks you for the time, chances are you'll whip out your phone to check. But not long ago, people wore watches for such a thing (no, really). Everything old is new again, and the classic watch is making a triumphant return. It started with smart watches, but fashion is embracing the retro version too, combining smart technology with old-school looks. Plus it's a great excuse to take a digital detox from your phone.

Chokers Are a Thing Again

In a throwback to the '90s (although they date back all the way to the 16th century), chokers are cool again, sported by celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But today's versions aren't plastic, instead evoking a more dainty and delicate vibe, utilizing lace and leather and often combined with sparkly embellishments or a pendant.