5 Fall-Fabulous Scents to Match Your Mood

FALL 2017
By Janene Mascarella for Modern Muse

When fall rolls around, the weather can change dramatically from one day to the next, meaning a light coat that's perfect on Monday could be completely inadequate on Tuesday. If your moods are as fickle as the changing temperatures, chances are you won't always feel like wearing the same fragrance. So we've rounded up five fabulous scents that will help you express exactly how you're feeling.


Bond No. 9 New York Nights, Saks Fifth Avenue

Sometimes you want to go incognito, other times you want to be the beacon. This brand new Bond No. 9 scent, aptly named for the city that never sleeps, is bound to draw attention with its striking luminescence. It's perfect for when you want to hit the town at night, with a seductive scent infused with notes of jasmine, gardenia, patchouli, coffee and caramel, plus an an 'up-all-night' coffee kicker.


Wicked, Victoria's Secret

Something Wicked this way comes — and autumn is the perfect time of year to spritz on a scent that's dark and edgy. Black sugar, vanilla and freesia combine to make the ultimate lust-worthy potion. Whether you're wearing something lace or are all decked out in leather, Wicked is best worn when you're craving something a little spicy with a touch of sweetness..


BVLGARI Splendida Rose Rose, Lord & Taylor

If you're looking for something fall-fresh and ultra feminine, Splendida Rose Rose is a great pick. Release your inner queen with this radiant floral scent — the heart notes are rose essential oil and rose absolute, as its name suggests. Will you accept this rose? Actually, it's the entire bouquet...SAY YES!.


Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue, Bloomingdale's

For a fragrance that's simply fun and playful, opt for Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue. Want to attract someone for your own amusement? That's the best part about flirting! This sophisticated scent will do the trick with its light, fresh and happy vibe — think lily of the valley combined with Akigala wood.


Chantecaille Le Wild, Saks Fifth Avenue

This luxurious fragrance captures the whimsy of a vibrant bouquet of wild flowers. Spray on the dreamy scent — which evokes hints of Brazilian gardenia — when you're feeling free, unleashed and ready to frolic.