Recreate Pillow Fort Magic with a Cute Teepee

By Wendy Rose Gould for Modern Muse

Nothing quite takes one back to childhood like a canopy of billowy sheets over cozy couch cushions. Secret forts spark children's imaginations, helping them escape to another world where rules are few and laughs are plenty.

Recreate those dreamy memories for your child — with a fort they don't have to tear down before dinner. A fun teepee can blend beautifully into your home décor, like this adorable option from Restoration Hardware. Once yours is pitched and ready to go, here are some ways to surround it with an atmosphere of adventure.

Keep It Super Soft

One of the joys of a pillow fort is how cozy and tranquil it feels. To capture that same feeling in your child's teepee, keep things soft and style-forward by incorporating cushy pillows, soft throws, fur or shag rugs, and plush animals. Don't be afraid to experiment, either. Mixing and matching colors and textures can make for a truly dreamy space. Add a chic backpack like this Fjallraven Kanken version from Urban Outfitters to really make kids escape into their campout fantasies.

Make Favorite Toys Accessible

A toy basket in your child's teepee serves two roles. First, it gives them a designated spot to go and play. Second, it helps keep things more organized! You can fill this basket with coloring supplies, stuffed animals or even books. They'll want to kick off their shoes — like these cuties from Zara — and fall into the play zone for hours.

Add Some Dress-up Magic

When you're a child, few things are as magical as playing dress-up. Keep a wardrobe of fun clothes and accessories nearby — like these assorted pieces from H&M, Zara, Gap Kids and The Odells — to deepen your kids' experience in their own secret hideaway. Now that's just the kind of childhood magic they'll hold onto forever.