12 Products to Make You Look Photoshopped

By Tiffany Tse for Modern Muse

If you've ever tinkered with Photoshopping or Facetuning your Instagram pictures (no judgment here!), you'll love this: makeup and skincare products that can make you looked perfectly edited in the real world. Here are 10 ways to replace popular Photoshop features with 12 buy-now products.

The Feature: Regular Marquee Tool

The Product Alternative: Sigma Beauty Inner Rim Brightener, available at Nordstrom

Our eyes tend to shrink when we're smiling, but if you're a PS whiz, you've likely experimented with the marquee tool to enlarge them. A white eyeliner, like this pencil by Sigma, does the trick too. Just apply to the inner corners of your eyes and waterline to help create the illusion of brighter, wide-open peepers.

The Feature: Clone Stamp

The Product Alternatives: StriVectin High-Potency Wrinkle Filler and Aēsop Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream, available at Bloomingdale's and Aēsop

In PS, you can employ the clone stamp tool to lighten dark lines and wrinkles, but reducing creases in real life requires a double whammy. First, use StriVectin's highly effective serum, which uses powerful peptides to smooth skin and soften the look of deep wrinkles, especially the lines around the brows, eyes and lips. Then you'll want an intensely hydrating cream like Aēsop's vitamin C and oil-rich formula to moisturize skin and give it a youthful bounce.

The Feature: Brush Tool

The Product Alternative: Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45, available at Nordstrom

The brush tool helps airbrush too-shiny skin in photos, but nothing beats a serious mattifying powder for a real-life fix. Supergoop!'s 100% mineral version sets makeup, reduces shine, and best of all, offers SPF 45 for broad-spectrum sun protection.

The Feature: Patch Tool

The Product Alternative: Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift, available at Nordstrom

Some Photoshop pros utilize the patch tool to retouch under-eye bags and circles. Our answer is Trish McEvoy's instant eye-lift-in-a-bottle. This potent treatment-slash-concealer contains ingredients that reduce puffiness and fill in the tiny lines around the eye area, while color pigments deliver long-lasting coverage.

The Feature: Offset Sharpening

The Product Alternative: Aēsop B & Tea Balancing Toner, available at Aēsop

Unless you have pristine skin, portrait-style photos are unforgiving, revealing every single pore and bump. And even the Photoshop process of erasing too-large pores, offset sharpening, is tricky. The best way to minimize pores? Use Aēsop's balancing toner after cleansing. Its sodium gluconate assists with cell turnover to refine and reduce the appearance of pores.

The Feature: Reduce Noise

The Product Alternative: Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Instant Soft-Focus Beauty Flash, available at Nordstrom

In photographs, visual "noise" often means grainy discoloration, so reducing it gives your image a smoother finish. In real life, a great primer can work wonders by giving skin that same soft, dewy glow. Charlotte Tilbury's anti-aging version contains light diffusers to subtly illuminate skin and ceramic microspheres to help blur fine lines and dark spots.

The Feature: Liquify

The Product Alternative: Clarins Face Contour Palette, available at Bloomingdale's

Photoshop's liquify feature allows you to push, pull, pucker and otherwise tinker with certain areas of your face for a more sculpted look. Luckily, a great contouring palette and brush can achieve almost the same effect. Clarins has a one with three different powder shades to help define your forehead, cheekbones, and chin — as well as an angled brush for more precise control.

The Feature: Spot Healing Brush

The Product Alternative: Patchology PowerPatch Dark Spot Corrector and Dior Fix It Colour 2-In-1 Prime & Color Correct, available at Bloomingdale's

The magical spot healing brush can make not-so-photogenic acne scars or age spots disappear by cloning a blemish-free part of the face and replacing the discolored area. Our suggestion? Lighten spots with a one-two punch, starting with Patchology's patches—a combo of skin-brightening retinol, hyperpigmentation-reducing niacinamide, and alpha arbutin to help prevent the return of melanin. Follow up by applying Dior's color-correcting stick (yellow for dark spots or green for redness) before foundation or concealer to neutralize imperfections.

The Feature: Hue/Saturation

The Product Alternative: GO SMILE Touch Up Smile Perfecting Ampoules, available at Nordstrom

Ever experimented with whitening your teeth in PS? Playing around with the saturation slider and lowering the yellow helps, but so can these highly effective GO SMILE ampoules. Easy to stash in a bag or desk drawer, these single-dose capsules come with a stain-fighting gel and built-in applicator that you rub onto teeth whenever a touch-up is needed (say, right before a date or wedding).

The Feature: Adjust Brightness

The Product Alternative: Lancôme Click and Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid, available at Bloomingdale's

Adjusting brightness drastically improves a dim, shadowy image and gives your skin a lit-from-within glow — exactly what an excellent highlighter does! Our pick is Lancôme's portable pen, a moisturizing formula made with vitamin E and glycerin. A pointed tip helps you apply a soft, pearly shimmer to the high points of your face, such as cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of the nose.